Westie cross rules the roostCharlie is a thirteen-month-old Westie/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix. The cutest looking little dog you can imagine. He shares part of his life with an older Cavalier KC called Tess who is nine and who was taken on by the couple’s mother a year ago.

Charlie barked madly at me when I arrived – I had asked them to take no notice of her so I could see what he would do if not checked. Usually when a dog barks like this it is because he is scared, but when Charlie finally stopped – I asked the lady to put his lead on to take him out but he then quietened straight away – it was very strange because he was showing no signs of stress or anxiety at all. No panting. Nothing. He sat down calmly. This was my first clue as to what Charlie was like!

He is used to humans paying massive homage and I was ignoring him!

Charlie is a Very Important Dog. He makes most of the decisions in his life and his owners do his bidding. This is no real problem at home and Charlie, being a confident little character, copes well. However, when he’s with the lady’s mother, sister and Tess he is a different dog. In some ways he can’t cope with the adulation. When out, he is really scared of other dogs like he feels exposed and unprotected. His problems are most apparent by his behaviour around poor Tess. Tess is terrorised by Charlie.

When Tess is given attention, mostly by the sister or when Tess is either on her or in front of her, Charlie will go for her. He goes for her ears and has inflicted injury on both poor Tess and the sister when she separates them, resulting in a visit to hospital. On walks and off lead, he body slams Tess and now she is limping. In nearly every case the attacks happen in the presence of the sister. She makes the most fuss of him but also gets the most impatient with him. He will see her as unpredictable and confusing.

There are a lot of things in Charlie’s life that need changing. He needs more proper parenting and less adoration! He is a cracking little chap and deserves to have the weight of responsibility taken from his little shoulders.

I can help you, too, with these problems or any other that you may be having with your dog.