Staff Milli is easily scared


Milli is in a muddle! When the family took her in three years ago at just one year old she had been abused and had a bad head injury. She is stressed, restless, easily scared and in need of some rules and boundaries.

Milli lives with two other rescued Staffies, Magic who is eight and Lexi, age ten. It is a large family and a busy household with a lot going on. Whereas all the dogs have certain issues, Milli has problems in all areas, and the fact that all three dogs are in many ways in control of the household isn’t helping her. All three get overly excited before meals. All three get extremely excited before walks, so much so that Milli can’t cope and her crazy excitement and stress overflows and redirects into an attack on one of the other dogs. All three pull like mad on lead and are not good with other dogs.



Milli is on the move all day, only settling down in the evening. She has to ‘own’ everything – if Lexi has a stick, Milli has to have it, if one of the other dogs has anything, Milli takes it. She may toilet indoors if left. When someone plays rough and tumble with one of the other dogs this is too much for Milli and she will go for him or her. Often she will eyeball Lexi, and if not distracted in time she will attack him. She jumps up and is demanding of attention. She is scared of all sorts of things.

It will be a great comfort to Milli to have some good ‘parenting’ where she no longer gets everything she demands when she demands it. It will transform Milli when everything possible is done to reduce her stress levels and keep her calm.

I can help you, too, with these problems or any other that you may be having with your dog.