Alfie is a Tibetan Terrier, age two and a half. He has no really big problems, just some smaller ones that are beginning to escalate.Tibetan Terrier Harry needs to be kept away from open doors

Walks are no longer enjoyable for the lady. Alfie has charged at a couple of other dogs, sounding very agggressive and incurring the wrath of the owners, though has done no damage – yet. Consequently he is walked on lead only and she is so worried that for a while she even muzzled him. The student son of the family finds him no trouble at all. He is a lot more dominant and forceful and this is the way he controls Alfie, which although I think is not the way to go about it, Alfie will sense that he is a lot more confident. This approach is no good for the lady so she needs to work on her leadership skills in general so that Alfie walks beside her through choice and doesn’t feel it is his job to ‘deal with’ other dogs.

Alfie has one or two other little tricks that need resolving. He ‘colonises’ space under the table and may bite feet. He occupies doorways so people are forced to step over him, sometimes snapping as they do so. If someone gets up off the sofa he will move into their space, perhaps grumbling if they try to move him. He is also very pushy when humans are eating. In fact, he is ruling the roost! Being in charge is also scary for him, as he feels it is his job to chase away danger like small aircraft flying overhead, vehicles and trains rushing past, large animals like horses and cattle, and some other dogs.

Overall he needs some some kindly implemented rules and boundaries so that he learns respect.

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