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What Sets Me Apart?


A wealth of experience, fully accredited, recommended by clients and vets. Certified Canine Behaviourist (INTODogs), Certified Animal Behaviourist (ICAN), Accredited Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer (VSPDT), full member of IMDT, PPG & INTODogs


Waiting times for dog behaviour help can often be much too long. I manage the number of active clients at any one time to ensure I am able to see new cases very promptly. I manage my time to give sufficient ongoing help to everyone on my list.


I offer different levels of friendly help including home consultations with ongoing support or distance help using video. I can offer simple single session with video recording or  six weeks of help. I run a dedicated Facebook Group to help with your dogs’ behaviour issues

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“it would seem you have sprinkled your magic dust even through the medium of Zoom” Gavin Hay
Potton Vets
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We refer our dog behavioural cases to Theo and have only had positive feedback from these clients. We really like her passion, professionalism and her training ethos. We recommend Theo for anyone needing help with their dog's behaviour. Potton Vets.
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Your guidance is everything we needed and more. We should have done this long before now. Cant praise you enough and will highly recommend to others. Emma Mcpeake
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The meeting was so well structured, I loved how you took control to work through a very clear, logical assessment of his behaviour points and triggers. The advice was very well tailored to my own circumstances, and it was all wonderfully compassionate and non-judgemental. I have every confidence we're going to make very good progress. Pippa P.
Super helpful
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We found the session super helpful for all of us to understand Bella more and understand how we can support her. We’re eager in putting your advice into action and see how Bella progresses over time. It also very helpful to have the video to refer back when needed also. Shanelle A.
Resource guarding
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Our cocker spaniel puppy was constantly resource guarding (his bowl, sofa space, his bed) until we took your advice Theo which has massively helped. Hardly ever see him doing it now. He came to us resource guarding his food bowl at 9 weeks. Tara Appleton
Thoroughly enjoyed our session
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I thoroughly enjoyed our session and felt like I learnt a lot of valuable information that I have continued to implement and seen the rewards. Francesca Bumpstead
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Theo was really friendly, clearly setting out how she would approach the session and why. Her approach is calm and non-judgemental, and easy to follow. I really think her advice is going to help us be better doggy parents to Milo and we’ve already started implementing suggestions. Thank you Theo. Sarah Barley
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We booked a consultation with Theo as we were struggling with our adolescent boxer who resource guards his food. We can’t believe the change even after a week, there has been no resource guarding since we have put in place the techniques and steps we were given to follow. It’s especially useful that you get the recording. I would highly recommend Theo.
Money well spent
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My money was well spent with you, Theo. I wish I had actually spoken to you when Stanley was a puppy and prevented any major problems arising. Through you, I became much more aware of Stanley's needs and how he was perceiving things. I still use that knowledge now. So thank you again! Jessica Martin
Session was fantastic
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Our session was fantastic. We can already see and difference in his behaviour, he seems much more chilled out. We're respecting his space and trying to educate the children also every time something crops up. It's been such a game changer so far. Lauren Ives
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We found you to be comfortable and inviting. Well informed and patient in your approach. We have come away feeling hopeful and rejuvenated. following a week of beginning to implement some of the steps we have begun to see slow but positive progress and that it has been easy enough to implement certain steps gradually. Kelly Dowling
Left at home
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Since doing this Henry has been able to be left at home without one single bark, moan or howl. It's really changed our lives. ……. I can't believe by changing a few simple things him much he has changed. He’s like a new dog. When I watch him on the camera whilst out, he's fast asleep and calm……. I never thought this would be possible. We can finally get back to normal living.
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I had my first session over zoom today and found it invaluable , I know I am doing a lot or the things I need to for my new boy Bruno and that was validated .
Absolute expert
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Theo is an absolute Expert! To start off with, we never knew there was a difference between Dog Training and Dog Behaviour, until we spoke with Theo. Within just 3 days, we have a much calmer and engaged dog with a plan to help him become more confident and not scared of other dogs, bikes, etc. Highly recommended. Ian Luckett
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Hi Theo, well what a week it’s been full of hard work but amazing. From snarling, biting and toileting indoors to no aggression and only a couple of accidents in just one week! Thank you soooo much for all your help we are truly grateful for what you have done to make us and most importantly Meeko a lot happier. We really can’t thank you enough The meeting with you was great. Makes so much more s
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The meeting with you was great. Makes so much more sense being on zoom and some things you knew before we mentioned, that we never knew could be an issue. We really felt comfortable and not judged for things we may have not done before. And felt really encouraged by things we were doing right. Lydia Richardson
Genuine and gentle
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Perhaps a good place to start would be with Theos genuine and gentle nature or perhaps with her wisdom and understanding. Theo has an amazing ability to really understand people and dogs alike. I felt great trust towards Theo from our initial phone call. When Theo came to meet us, I knew immediately that standing in front of me was the lady with the answers. Blessings to you as you go forward and impact many more.
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Thank you so much , you have given us hope.
Investment in your dog
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Theo was fantastic and it all made sense and I would thoroughly recommend her. View the cost as an investment in your dog which you and your dog will benefit from for many years'
Hasn't growled once
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Since our session, Freckles has not growled once at any of us – a real achievement. It’s amazing how much a little training and better understanding on behalf of the humans can impact so massively on the dog’s behaviour’.
Super knowledgeable
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Theo is lovely and amazingly kind person that is super knowledgeable. I can't recommend her enough, she's been fantastic and will be the first point of call if we need more advice. Thank you theo!'
I felt so relieved
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The meeting was excellent, it was very informative and also fun, guiding us and pointing us in the right direction, before the meeting I was stressed thinking I had made a great mistake in getting Teddy, but after talking to you I felt so relieved, not only for me but for the dogs.
A huge difference
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Your advice made a huge difference, and we are so grateful - it really improved everything for the two of them from the first
Taken aback
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We are just taken aback at the difference in just one (and a bit) weeks! We can’t thank you enough for all your advice. I love the format the online meeting is in as we have gone through and watched again and again, adding bits each day!
Invaluable advice
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Your advice was invaluable! Fika is a different dog and we are different in our approach to her. She stopped biting me. Everything seemed to properly click into place for her after a couple of weeks. We actually enjoy spending time with her now.
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I just wanted to say how much you inspired me last night. I have started training ME. I'm so happy with myself!". What a fantastic job I have and what lovely people we meet - people who care about their dogs.
Such a huge help
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Theo has been such a huge help in helping us understand Ness much better and to work out ways together to build her confidence and make her feel happier. We genuinely can’t thank you enough for all of your advice and guidance.
Calm and well behaved
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Theo mentioned in the first session that dealing with these problems would be like putting together a jigsaw. As we worked on each area and saw huge improvements almost straight after our first session. It is unbelievable how calm and well behaved Barney has become.
The tools and knowledge
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Without Theo's guidance, the relationship we have with our dog would be nothing like it is now. My wife and I were stressed and felt lost not knowing how to handle situations, but now we have the tools and knowledge to deal with any future behavior issues we may face
Informative, not judgy
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We found it really useful, your style was exactly what we were looking for (supportive, practical, informative, not judgy).
Incredibly helpful
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I just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed our time with you yesterday. It was incredibly helpful and valuable to us, and your knowledge and passion shines through. Definitely time well spent
A weight's been lifted
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Feel so much better, like a weight’s been lifted. Even Barney seems different today, he’s happily pottering about playing by himself. The meeting was really useful and empowering and things are definitely heading in the right direction!

Many dog behaviour issues can be solved online

I get asked all the time, how can I work with you and your dog without even going to your house? In some cases it’s even better. In most cases it’s the best place to start. We can focus on the real issues without distractions. Help can be more immediate. I may be able to see things more clearly being that one step removed.

In reality, we’re focused on changing the emotions driving your dog’s behaviour, not just traditional training. I’m coaching and guiding the owners.

Online dog trainingProfessional dog behavior help. 

Over One Thousand Case Stories


The two dogs have been so close and now, unless it’s on a walk, they can’t look at one another without breaking into a fight

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obsessive compulsive

It is sometimes hard to determine whether changes in a re-homed dog’s behaviour after a couple of weeks or so is due to settling in and old traits resurfacing, or to something the new people

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The couple have fallen out with their neighbours because of their dog’s barking. If Working Cocker Bella hears or sees a neighbour at the fence, she goes mad. She will bark in the house if

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arousal, excitement

The most annoying barking is while the lady is on the phone, trying to work.

The other is the real mystery. He barks at a corner of the room under the TV. This is a little shrine where they keep the ashes of their two past dogs, along with a couple of balls and their collars

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He’s so irresistible and touchable. He attracts human hands wherever he goes. However, he’s not a touchy-feely dog.

If approached when out, people want to touch him. They walk into his space, lean over and put out their big hands towards him. He objects

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As soon as the man starts to move, to get up, Colin snarls. Colin’s not naughty but troubled in some way. Success will come through helping him, not punishing him.

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Who is Theo Stewart - Dog Behaviourist?

Over the past twenty years I have been to thousand of dogs and hundreds of different houses. I have met so many wonderful people, people who love their dogs and want to do the best for them.

More recently, I have included online consultations. They have proved so successful that with all my in-person visits, I start off with an online session.

My love for dogs started many years ago with a Rottweiler called Merlin and Magic, a German Shepherd. Back then, it was all about harsh dog training and ‘correcting’ the dog in order to force it to ‘obey’. Commands were sergeant major-style orders.

How different things are today. With all my subsequent learning and experience, I have proved beyond possible doubt that kind, positive, and force-free methods not only work best, but they ensure we feel comfortable on our relationship with our dog.

I am down to four dogs now. I can’t imagine a life without dogs.

ISCP: Graduate International School of Dog Psychology and Behaviour

CCB: Certified Canine Behaviourist INTODogs


IMDT: Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

VSPDT: Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer

Dog Behaviour and Training Charter 2024

My Dog Behaviour CV

  • As an older person. Experience & Empathy from a whole kaleidoscope of life’s ups and downs.
  • As a School Teacher. Motivation, Encouragement – and boundaries.
  • As a musician. Repetitive practice until I have something note perfect. Persistence and patience.
  • As a mother of five children. Insight into ‘parenting’ puppies and dogs.
  • As a businesswoman. I have set up and run three businesses. ‘Theo Stewart – Dog Behaviourist’ is a business involving marketing, insurance, accounts, tax, equipment, transport, internet costs, web site and much more.
  • As the holder of meetings. A skill carried over into family dog consultations, in person, or online.
  • As owner of an introduction agency (before the days of internet dating). Interviewing people whilst putting them at ease; finding out all about them as I now with dogs.
  • As a dog owner. Multiple dogs over 45 years.
  • As a member of INTODogs and UK Behaviour and Training Charter, IMDT, VSPDT, graduate of ISCP (International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour), PPG, Dog Welfare Alliance. Using positive methods backed by Science. Accountable.
  • As a ‘crossover’. I followed outdated dominance methods before educating myself.

Why choose Me?

Certified Expertise: A qualified professional with extensive experience.

Positive Reinforcement: I use kind, science-based methods for effective results.

Affordable dog behaviourist: Trustworthy quality without breaking the bank.

Convenient Online Services: Access dog behaviourist help online from anywhere.

Specialised Support: I work with all issues including resource guarding, hyper-activity, separation anxiety, fears and phobias, provide puppy training.

Testimonials: Read my dog behaviourist reviews to see how I’ve helped countless dog owners improve their dogs’ quality of life.

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