Details, pricing and area covered

Behaviour and Training help for you and your dog:

  • Teaching first-time dog owners and families to be the best dog guardians possible.
  • Helping experienced dog owners who are encountering difficulties.
  • Aggression problems and rehabilition
  • Dog to dog reactivity
  • Too much barking
  • Dogs living with children
  • Dogs that don’t get on
  • Clicker training
  • Fearfulness and separation anxiety
  • Repetitive or obsessive behaviours
  • Guarding and protective behaviours
  • Unruliness and hyperactivity
  • Walks: walking nicely on lead, coming back when called, reactivity and fear of people, other dogs, traffic and so on.
  • Puppy Parenting
  • Making life as stress-free and happy as it can be for you and your dog

When do I schedule visits?  Some people are at their wits’ end and want help as soon as possible, so I do my very best to see them quickly. With other people things aren’t quite so urgent. Contact me and we can discuss convenient times. I work in evenings and weekends when people are most likely to be at home, as well as daytime appointments if preferred.

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Experience matters. Skill matters. Kindness matters. Patience matters. Love matters.

OPTION ONE: My Comprehensive Package is all inclusive for up to three months: behaviour training, visits, help, support, experience and expertise: £285

  • A ‘Getting Started’ session in your own home of 2 to 3 hours for us to get to know one another and for me to properly understand your dog(s), with behaviour help and strategies along with practical hands-on work.
  • After this visit I carefully prepare a personalised behaviour training plan for you to follow which you will receive within 24 hours.
  • Thereafter I give you ongoing support for up to three months with behaviour work and dog training at a level that gives you the very best chance of a successful result.
  • Option One requires communication by email as well as telephone.

OPTION TWO: A One-off Consultation with written report and action plan minus the support afterwards: £195

  • A Consultation in your own home of up to 3 hours when I will get to know you and your dog, offering behaviour help and practical training.
  • I carefully prepare a full behaviour plan for you to follow which you will receive within 24 hours.
  • A phone call a few days later.
  • For ongoing support, choose Option One. This is much better value for you.
  • For another single visit later on: £60 plus my travel costs.
  • Option Two is also for those people unable or preferring not to communicate by email.

Payment by cheque, cash or BACS.

There is no extra charge for multiple dogs so long as they all live in the same house.

Contact me now.

Something has happened and you don’t know what to do next. You need help quickly.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Your dog has bitten someone
  • Your dog has been attacked
  • You have guests staying and your dog can’t cope
  • Your neighbours have complained about the noise of barking
  • Something that your dog is doing is causing you deep stress or distress
  • Your new puppy is driving you mad
  • You have come home to find the house wrecked.
  • You feel you need to make an agonizing decision to end your dog’s life due to something your dog has done and would like to make sure that there is no other options.
  • etc.

This will be a one-off visit to help you over the crisis in every way possible. You may or may not want further help from me, but that will be discussed separately with no pressure or obligation to continue with me whatsoever.

I may refer you afterwards to a different professional service that would be appropriate for you and your dog, whether it’s veterinary attention, therapeutic services, specialised breed-specific work, group classes and so on.

  • I may be able to come immediately, on the same day or the next day, but will do so at the very first opportunity, daytime or evening, weekdays or weekends. It is possible for me to fit emergency call-outs into my schedule because no time-consuming follow-up is involved.
  • This is a single visit with the sole purpose of my helping you in every way I can through your crisis, and hopefully setting you in the right direction if possible.
  • I could be with your for up to three hours if necessary.
  • There can be no guarantees of outcomes.
  • The Quick Response visit involves no support. If support is required, you can slot into my three-month plan if appropriate.
  • My petrol at 25p per mile each way (from MK44 3PN)
  • £100. Payment options provided at time of making the appointment.

Helping you through your new puppy’s first weeks, through the months and into adolescence.

For up to four months, the Puppy Parenting takes you through the early stages with your new puppy through to the beginning of adolescence, ensuring that your get off to the best start possible.

The class environment is not suitable for a good percentage of puppies and puppy owners – particularly puppies who are shy or over-excitable.

The class environment cannot fully cover all home parenting angles. Here are some examples:

  • Toilet training
  • Socialising to daily life
  • Visitors to the house – being neither over-excited or scared.
  • Being left happily alone for reasonable periods of time
  • Pre-empting territorial issues
  • Diet and feeding
  • How to deal with unwanted behaviour and teach puppy desired behaviour
  • Training for the whole family
  • Motivation

As a behaviorist and home-trainer I will create a plan for your own puppy that covers everything, including training of all the basic training skills along with walking nicely on lead. This will require time and commitment, and a willingness to provide me with ongoing and frequent feedback around which I then can arrange further visits.

  • Available only within a 10-mile radius of MK44 3PN due to the number of possible visits necessary, some of which may need to be at short notice.
  • Puppy Parenting is for new puppies aged 12 weeks or under.  Older than this, please see Option 1.
  • Your Puppy Parenting begins with an initial ‘Getting Started’ session so I get to know you and your puppy and can make sure the basics are in place (where he sleeps at night, what he eats, toilet training, how to cope with nipping etc.) with a strong emphasis on the puppy’s own needs right from the start.
  • Should there be children in the family, I fully involve them.
  • After my initial visit I carefully prepare a puppy parenting plan, with the details adapted specifically and solely for you and your own puppy, to be updated and modified as you and your puppy progress.
  • Future visits will be as and when they are needed as your puppy develops, dependent upon feedback. I continue to give you unlimited support with encouragement, solutions and the benefit of my extensive experience for up to four months.
  • Payment of £295 either before or at the end of our first meeting, by cheque, cash or BACS

My ‘distance’ service (using Skype or telephone) can in no way replace person-to-person and dog help in your own home. Unless special circumstances, this is not an option I offer to people living within my area that I can go and see in person. £85 for the first DIAL hour.

Step 1: Having checked the fee at the bottom of the page, please copy and paste this form into a personal, private email; add your answers and send it to 

Pre-DIAL Questionnaire

Please note that all information is confidential and is protected by the Data Protection Act.

Your name, address and telephone number

Your Skype name, if you are on Skype

Name, age, gender and breed of your dog(s)

Is the dog neutered/spayed?

How long has your dog lived with you?

Your dog’s known background

General state of health, and medical history

List people living in the house.

Very brief description of issues – we will go into them in depth later.

List a choice of three days and times (evenings preferred) that are convenient for an uninterrupted 2-hour DIAL session.

Where did you hear about me?

A photo of your dog(s) whilst not essential would be helpful.

Disclaimer: In returning this questionnaire, I agree that Theo Stewart can accept no responsibility nor liability should any damage or injury be inflicted by my dog(s).  I also understand that this is not a ‘quick fix’ and that good results depend upon the work we ourselves are prepared to put in and in being consistent.

I also understand that there may be things that, due to this being done from a distance, Theo may not be able to pick up on regarding my dog, our own interaction with him/her and the dog’s environment.

I understand that cancellations require a minimum of 5 days to be eligible for refund.

Step 2: When the questionnaire is completed and emailed to me, please click here to pay for your first ‘DIAL-Hour’.

Step 3: Upon receipt of your questionnaire and payment, I will confirm the booking of your ‘DIAL-Hour’ time-slot and we can arrange a mutually convenient telephone or video consultation by telephone or Skype.

  • If it looks like you need extra help with the technical side of Skype, I shall be in touch beforehand – we may book five minutes just to set things up and check the technology is working okay for you.
  • NB. If, having read your questionnaire, the issue is something that needs face-to-face help, I shall refund you promptly in full.

Step 4: We have our DIAL meeting.

  • The consultation will end at the allotted time, though I will be flexible if there are necessary interruptions either end (probably due to the needs of our dogs!).
  • NB. If, at the end of our DIAL session I believe the issue is something that cannot be merely done over the phone, I shall advise you to continue with a local professional. Any refund at this stage will be relative to the time spent.

Step 5: I will send you an email report, covering the advice given.

  • Your ‘One DIAL-Hour’ includes a short written report and 3 subsequent email exchanges or one month aftercare, whichever is reached first.

Step 6: If you still need more help, you will then be invited to book a follow-up one ‘DIAL-Hour’ conversation – this is optional.

  • Further ‘DIAL-Hours’ can be booked as required

*Please note that cancellations require at least 5 days notice to be eligible for a refund.

Further ‘DIAL-Hour’

Includes a written report and 3 subsequent email exchanges or one month aftercare (whichever ends first). Up to three hours in total.
£65 (other currencies at current exchange rate)

NB. Further ‘DIAL-Hours’ can be purchased later if necessary.

What next? If you live in my area, please either pick up the phone 01767 641070 or fill in the contact form and I will get back to you. We can then discuss the situation with your dog(s) and what I would do to help you. 

For a copy of the contract you will be asked to sign at the end of the consultation, please click here.


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“We used Theo some years ago. She was fantastic and it all made sense and I would thoroughly recommend her. View the cost as an investment in your dog which you and your dog will benefit from for many years”. Christine Thatcher on Facebook, August 2015
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