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Ethical ‘Do no harm’ force-free and jargon-free solutions for dog owners looking online for help.

“I wanted someone non-judgmental who knew what they were doing and I found Theo to be exactly that person.” Tony Howe

“You’ve helped me to gain my confidence and get my life back.” Karen Matcham

“Theo has literally pulled me from the brink of despair.” Sandra Lawrence  

Theo Stewart, dog behaviourist, dog trainer, owner trainer.
iNGODogs Certified Canine Behaviourist, VSPDT, IMDT, ISCP. PDTE, PPG, Cert.Ed. Recommended by vets. Behaviourist working with Potton Vets

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Topics including whether or not to castrate, wild puppy behaviour, spayed bitch and bladder control, a dog picking up and chewing tissues and paper when out, an over-excited terrier who nicks socks and a dog that is aggressive if suddenly woken.

 Theo Stewart

The standards that must be met to be an INTODogs Certified Canine Behaviourist are stringent in the sector and cover not just the skills, knowledge and understanding but also the management of the organisation. Continual monitoring also ensures that those standards continue to be met for as long as membership is maintained.
Behaviourist working with Potton Vets
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