Theo Stewart, dog behaviourist, trainer.

facebookCovering much of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire (See map). ABTC – AAB (Accredited Animal Behaviourist), VSPDT, IMDT, ISCP. PDTE, PPG, Cert.Ed. Recommended by vets.

Help with the continuing support that can be life-changing for both dogs and their humans 

“You’ve helped me to gain my confidence and get my life back.”. Karen Matcham

See my case ‘stories‘. 

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Big dogs, small dogs, old dogs, young dogs, puppies, rescue dogs……

  • Teaching first-time dog owners and families to be the best dog guardians possible.
  • Helping experienced dog owners who are encountering difficulties.
  • Aggression problems and rehabilition
  • Dog to dog reactivity
  • Dogs living with children
  • Clicker training
  • Fearfulness and separation anxiety
  • Guarding and protective behaviours
  • Unruliness and hyperactivity (specialising in wild and crazy dogs that don’t listen, seem out of control, lack impulse control, that may even resort to aggression through over-arousal).
  • Walks: walking nicely on lead, coming back when called, reactivity and fear of people, other dogs, traffic and so on.
  • Puppy Parenting
  • Making life as stress-free and happy as it can be for you and your dog

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Hear from my clients:
I always praise you for the way Jess has turned out considering we were thinking of having her put down before you came to sort her out

Many professionals who are excellent dog trainers now also offer behaviour consultations, something for which they are unlikely to have insufficient experience and training themselves. To safely and effectively deal with behaviour problems choose a behaviourist.

See my ‘stories’ …..stories of many of the dogs and their humans that I’ve helped as a Canine Behaviourist and Trainer – dogs of all ages, all breeds, all sizes, all problems. My case stories are a unique and valuable resource that I offer for free to encourage dog owners to see the benefits of kind, force-free methods.
I continually keep up to date with the latest education in dog behaviour and force-free, positive training methods and have worked with thousands of dogs over the past ten years.